The CSM Journey

Online Customer Success Course

The course will help you be highly familiar with Customer Success practices and knowledge, and developing specific skills can significantly help you get into this role and succeed faster.

Course Agenda

Intro to Customer Success

Onboarding process from sales handover to launch

Customer journey end-to-end

Data analysis using a CS tool

Meeting Management

Managing a customer- Building trust and relationships.

The Course Will Include

Short 10-15 min lessons

Real-life simulations and practical exercises.

Getting to know real CS tools.

A license for one year so you can learn in your free time with no pressure

The course will be in Hebrew. (English version will be released later this year)

What’s in it for you?

Our course is designed for

People who want to be Customer Success Managers.

CSMs in their first 1-2 years in the role.

Business owners who are looking to build their customer success program for the first time.