Customer Satisfaction Survey – Tips + Questionnaire Template

Customer Satisfaction Survey

As part of being a customer-focused organization, understanding the customer needs and experiences with the products and services over time is essential. It is also a great way of collecting feedback at scale, and efficiency is everything these days.

Here are my thoughts on the right way of doing it and a questionnaire example.

✅ I found twice a year the right balance between creating data trends and validating the impact of changes while not swamping the customers.

✅ The CS should lead it, but the results are a by-product of the entire company’s ability to perform and deliver. Any correction actions should be handled as a company task force backed by the management.

✅ Survey scores are worth almost NOTHING without broader textual context. Therefore, including at least one open question and correlating the answers to the scores and trends is essential.

✅ When analyzing the survey results, creating a presentation showing the results with the conclusions and the next steps is essential to get the company’s buy-in to take the necessary measures. It is important to work on the presentation in full collaboration with the main stakeholders before presenting it to management.

✅ In my opinion, the correct flow of presentation will start with the product questions, the service, and the open questions and only after that the NPS so that it is easy to give the scores a broader context and explanation. It is also essential to analyze the data by role (Champion/Decision Maker), geographic region, and comparison to previous surveys.

✅ Transparency is a substantial trust-building step. Hence, sending a survey is only the first step of the journey. The next step is to close the circle with the customers, and communicate chosen conclusions, in what ways the company plans to implement them, and when.

Satisfaction survey

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