Top Customer Success Teams Challenges 


In a survey we shared with the Israel Customer Success community recently, we asked: “What is your biggest day-to-day challenge?” 

The results are in (n=135), and they shed light on the most pressing issues facing customer success professionals in the industry today. 

In particular, the survey highlights the top challenges that CS professionals face when it comes to scaling, workload management, and cross-department collaboration. These challenges can have significant impacts on the success of CS teams, particularly during periods of economic downturn or when headcounts are limited. This article explores the survey results in more detail and discusses the importance of building a strong foundation for CS teams to thrive, even in challenging times. 

Here are the top 5 Customer Success teams’ challenges:

  1. Workload and Task Management (21%): Respondents mentioned being overwhelmed with too many tasks and responsibilities, and struggling with managing their workload effectively. 
  2. Data Utilization and Process Improvement (18%): Challenges related to data collection, making it actionable and manageable, and building the right processes were mentioned. Respondents expressed the need for better tools and standardized processes.
  3. Scaling and Growth (15%): Respondents highlighted challenges related to scaling their customer success efforts, managing a growing volume of customers or accounts, and handling the increasing demands on their time and resources.
  4. Alignment and Communication (13%): Some respondents mentioned challenges in aligning with the Sales teams and other departments within the company. Effective communication, collaboration, and getting buy-in on projects were highlighted as areas of concern.
  5. Adoption (9%): Challenges related to driving customer adoption were mentioned. Proving ROI, managing expectations, and addressing issues in product releases and developments were also identified as challenges.

Many companies are pressured to cut costs and do more with less in today’s economy. As a result, customer success teams are often faced with the challenge of growing their client base while maintaining or even reducing headcount. This significantly strains customer success professionals who are already facing challenges in scaling, workload management, and intra-organizational collaboration.

The survey results highlight the urgent need for companies to address these challenges head-on and invest in building the right foundation to support their customer success teams. By doing so, they can enable their teams to function well, even in times of economic uncertainty, without getting exhausted and burned out.

To achieve this, companies can:

  1. Focus on implementing scalable, automated processes and systems that can accommodate growth without adding a significant headcount. 
  2. Invest in training and development programs to help their customer success professionals prioritize tasks, and manage conflicting priorities.
  3. Create a culture that values and supports mutual goals within different departments, ongoing engagement, and clear handshake processes. It starts with the management team and can be incorporated, for example, into the OKRs process. 

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