The State of the Customer Success Industry in Israel - 2023

Customer Success in Israel is evolving rapidly, while facing growing pains.

Customer Success in Israel is experiencing continuous growth and evolution. Startups in the seed stage prioritize the establishment of their Customer Success teams. However, the lack of proper frameworks and tools poses a challenge, affecting employee motivation and customer value generation.

The report also shows that as companies mature, Customer Success becomes increasingly aligned with revenue generation, with professionals carrying quotas and receiving bonuses. This resilience of Customer Success is evident during the economic recession, as organizations continue to invest in this vital function for driving growth. 🚀

The report presents a Comprehensive analysis of the Customer Success landscape in Israel, based on a survey conducted in the CS community with over 200 CS professionals’ responses, representing various industries and company stages.

🔍 What’s Inside:

  • CS Community Demographics: Location, gender, and age distribution
  • Key day-to-day challenges faced by CS professionals
  • Analysis of CS team size ratios across different company stages
  • Adoption of Customer Success Platforms in Israel
  • CS Renewals and Upsells Quota ownership trends
  • Salary analysis based on role, company stage, and satisfaction levels
The State of the Customer Success Industry in Israel 2023 1