Customer Success Team Size: Industry Benchmark (Israel)

Customer Success Team

Customer Success is critical for any business that wants to succeed in today’s customer-centric world. But what is the right size of a Customer Success team? Is there a specific ratio between the size of the team and the company that businesses should strive for? 

These questions become essential in times of a recession and trying to balance between growing at the right pace and efficiently while not compromising on the customer experience. 

To answer these questions, we surveyed the customer success community in Israel and asked them about their Customer Success team sizes relative to their company sizes. 

Here are the results: (n=200)

Customer Success Team Size Per Company Size

There are a few interesting conclusions: 

1- The average Customer Success team size is about 9% of the overall company size

2- Customer Success starts early– It is fascinating to see startups in the Seed stage already investing in Customer Success and hiring 2-3 people before A funding. 

3- Matured companies are more efficient – This may be due to the increased resources and infrastructure across the company and more knowledge and experience in their ecosystem that enables the Customer Success team to be more efficient and effective.

You can participate in the survey here so we can keep evaluating the benchmark trends.

You can also see the Salary Benchmark by clicking here.

2 thoughts on “Customer Success Team Size: Industry Benchmark (Israel)”

  1. Very interesting – does the size reflect CSMs and direct CS management or entire customer organizations that may include support, PS, etc.

    1. It is a good question. We asked specifically about the Customer Success group size. Nevertheless, in some cases, especially in the early stages, Support is part of the CS team. The bottom line, it should reflect any function that directly rolls up to the VP CS.

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